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Event planners and organisers need to create new experiences for hybrid meetings and – more than ever – be prepared for anything. You never know what happens on a congress or hybrid event. That´s why a functioning team of online event experts is the basis for success.

core-team of meta-fusion, the experts for hybrid meetings

Pionieers in webcast and videostreaming

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Webcast productions, live & on-demand
  • Live streaming, with world-wide delivery, operated onsite, from central webcast office
  • Directly on-demand webcast, published within minutes including slide navigation (and slide search in library)
Create truely effective hybrid meetings
  • Provide full flexibility with live and on-demand options for remote participants and on-site delegates.
  • Boost the prompt utilization of the presented content and offer the recordings right after each session
Camera & AV productions
  • 1-camera productions, only 1 central-operator monitors up to 10 rooms in parallel
  • Multi-camera productions incl. mixing of various vision scenarios, controlled by 1 operator per room
  • Integration of absent speakers by video-conference for the webcast and for the projection in the room
Get your congress perfectly showcased
  • Flexible multi-media coverage switching various visions (camera + slides, 1 camera big, two camera-signals, projection big, videoconf-signal + slides,…)
  • Adapted play-out designs for webcast, projection, local overflow streaming, …
Webinars & virtual meetings
  • Video conference, operated speaker support in English and German
  • Flexible vision mixing of signals separately captured out of the video-conference application
  • Live & directly on-demand webcast in the same HQ process like for onsite productions
Keep the good things from sad times
  • Take advantage of the tremendous achievements made during the pandemic
  • Establish low-threshold and regular event concepts for current topic and/or broad subject coverage
  • Be prepared with fallback scenarios in case of absent speakers or even for virtual delivery of entire sessions
Webcast websites & libraries
  • Event websites for parallel live streams with overviews, Q&As, program,…, everything following the event live or time-shifted
  • Content libraries with search and filters for webcasts, posters, abstracts, speaker info,…, everything for delving into the presented content
  • Modular system with complete webcast websites or by provision of various frontend elements and widgets to be implemented in an existing website
Connect with the online world
  • Provide best online user experiences for listeners, interactive participants and for those who want directly make use of the presented content
  • Promote sponsors through banners, webcasting of company symposia or with content-related links
  • Profit from our modular website concept and get the perfect combination of your preferred online tools
  • Gain valuable data from our comprehensive user statistics and tracking reports
Cross-meeting content platforms
  • All project libraries in one platform with global search on all meeting contents and additional materials
  • 2nd usage by edited content collections, e.g. monthly topic packages with links to external publications (studies, guidelines,…)
  • Smart combination with existing e-learning systems
Turn meeting content into long-term assets
  • Expand your reputation by a representative knowledge platform
  • Foster your online community and benefit from annual subscriber models
  • Give your speakers a reference by listing all their contributions under their name
  • Analyse developments in different thematic fields and among speakers

Turn your events into real hybrid meetings

Tools are only one piece of the puzzle

Webcast and online event tools have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they allow individuals and organisations to host virtual events and reach a wider audience. However, while these tools may be useful and technologically advanced, they alone do not make a successful hybrid event.

Even though these tools are technologically advanced, it still takes people. People who know the tools and know what to do. Experts in their field. People you trust.

staff of meta-fusion steering many technical devices for the livestream and webcast of a huge live event with many attendees which are seen in the background
hands holding a mobile device which shows a webcast of a hybrid meeting while attending a live event on site
a staff member of meta-fusion in front of two monitors which show a live hybrid meeting webcasted by meta-fusion
at a congress, a meta-fusion employee sits in the quite dark control room area in the back of the hall and takes care of the transmission in the livestream

It needs a team to get it done

When it comes to hosting a successful hybrid congress, having a strong and experienced technical team is crucial. An open-minded and agile technical team is essential, who must be able to adapt to changing circumstances and think on their feet and also need to work closely with the other professionals on site, including the event planners and presenters. The team needs to be able to handle the demands of a live event and work well under pressure. They should also be able to communicate effectively with all people on site.

some happy team-members of meta-fusion posing at an event
a huge convention with many people sitting in front of a big stage where is a huge monitor behind the moderator on the stage showing that it is time for questions

Collaboration between suppliers is the key skill

Hybrid meetings require collaboration between multiple firms and suppliers. To ensure a seamless and successful event, it is essential for companies to work hand in hand. For the tools and services they use to be modular and able to integrate with one another. This allows streamlined communication, data sharing, and overall event management. The teams on site should be active and engaged throughout the entire event. They should be able to anticipate and proactively solve any potential issues that may arise. These are precisely the qualities that the meta-fusion team puts first.

People are hybrid

Hybrid events provide people with the flexibility and convenience of participating in the event from anywhere, at any time. Through the online platform, viewers can access live and on-demand content, connect with remote speakers and other attendees, and even have access to event content long after the event is over. Here are six pros that organisers and attendees can achieve through the online component of hybrid events:

Participate online

Event participants can join the event live or watch recordings at their convenience without having to travel.

Connect remote speakers

Remote speakers who may not be able to travel to the event can still participate and share their insights with attendees.

Document and re-use lectures

Event lectures and other content can be recorded and made available for attendees to access long after the event is over.

Secondary use of content

The content can be used for secondary purposes such as training and education.

Create a online community

Attendees can connect with others with similar interests and share the output of some lectures and workshops.

Present industry partners

Industry partners and sponsors can have the opportunity to present their products and services on the platform and other advertising spaces.

Overall, the online component of hybrid meetings provides organisers and attendees with a flexible and convenient way to participate in events, allowing for a wider reach and engagement, and creating new opportunities for sponsors and industry partners.

Behind the scenes

Virtual congress production

Our more than 20 years of experience in webcast services are the perfect basis for our virtual congress platform where we deliver highly educational content and scientific speeches. Watch our video to see how we produce the virtual version of the international liver congress with seven parallel rooms.

Behind the scenes of hybrid congress productions

Behind the scenes of hybrid congress productions

large audience in front of a stage where the monitors explain how to attend the online part of hybrid meetings


meta-fusion logo green and grey with arrow

The Heart and Soul of Teamwork and Technology

High end virtual congress production – and even so much more

We do not only have long time expirience in flexible and cost-effective technical solutions for hybrid meetings but we also have the right people:
Our team of professionals who are passionate about technology, webcasting, and the event industry. Everyone at meta-fusion understands their job and is a true professional. We are driven by passion for technology and the challenges that come with working in the event industry, even though it can be a demanding business.

One of the key elements that sets us apart from our competitors is our emphasis on teamwork. We understand that for a hybrid event to be successful, collaboration and cooperation must extend beyond the boundaries of the company.

This is why we work closely with suppliers and other partners during hybrid congresses, ensuring that everyone is able and willing to collaborate. This extends to the tools and processes that are used, which are designed to facilitate teamwork and collaboration.

  • three members of the meta-fusion-team are sitting in a little car which is used as a shuttle in a convention building

In 2015/2016, we took a significant step forward when we developed our on-demand webcast workflow. This allows us to publish recordings of events within minutes of the completion, making the webcast an important tool for participants on-site and online. This is just one example of how we are constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve our workflow and processes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of technology in enabling events to continue, even when in-person gatherings are not possible. Meta-fusion has been at the forefront of this shift, having set-up a slimline workflow that allows us to efficiently cover multiple talks and sessions, even in a remote setting. The heart and soul of meta-fusion is our commitment to teamwork and the passion for technology. It is this combination that allowed us to create a streamlined workflow that can handle hundreds of talks from parallel sessions. This is why our clients enjoy working with us, as they know that we will deliver high-quality results, with a positive attitude and a focus on collaboration.

Some of our projects

Our expertise – your advantage

Your hybrid meetings win with our team

Our goal is to be the friendliest service provider on site, to integrate the online participants into the event in the best possible way, and to ensure that the event runs smoothly in both technical and human terms. So our customers can focus on other things. We are prepared for all eventualities even by short notice. We connect remote speakers and provide them our best support. We also take care of the participation of online viewers through chat and live video.

To stay competitive in this ever-changing landscape, it is essential for companies to continuously develop and adapt their approach to hybrid meetings. For example, at a recent event, one of the main tasks we encountered was the integration of remote speakers into an on-site session. To address this challenge, we implemented a smart and cost-effective solution that utilised our camera set-ups. This is just one example of how companies must be willing to adapt and evolve in order to secure their future success. Whether it will be through the incorporation of new technology, or the development of new meeting concepts, continuous development is the key to staying ahead of the curve.

And that´s why the success of your hybrid event also depends on agile, reliable and experienced service providers like meta-fusion. We do not only bring the technology skills to make the event globally available, but we also bring the flexibility as well as social and communicational skills to help you with every challenge that happens during your hybrid event. We are always considered as friendliest and most helpful team at an event. And we are very proud of that fact!

Want to know more facts? Take a look:

snippet of some recording software showing several parallel runing recordings

> 80.000

lectures published after 2012

event team of meta-fusion on site posing for the camera

> 70

people work for meta-fusion currently

screenshot of a livestream at EASL summit 2019

> 470

hybrid events broadcasted since 2013

About meta-fusion

meta-fusion GmbH is a leading provider of digital congress solutions, with 25 years of experience in producing webcast transmissions of conferences and hybrid meetings worldwide. We offer comprehensive solutions and a digital congress platform “Digital Congress Resources” which provide real added value for events and long-term usage of knowledge content.

Our main customers are scientific associations and congress agencies with whom we create future-proof business strategies in the field of scientific education and medicine. We prioritise customer orientation, flexibility and maintain long-term relationships. Our production teams are highly valued for their reliability and pragmatism.

We are based in Cologne, a family-friendly company with a dynamic working environment and potential for employee development.

hands holding a mobile device, showing the live stream of a congress named "ueg week" while seeing a live event running parallel in the background
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