Sprint News #14

Read about the platform updates we shipped on 7th December 2022. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

We are renewing the foundation of our software

Like all providers of complex software systems, we have to take intensive care of the fundamentals every now and then. Technical infrastructure and systems have to be maintained and updated. At this point there is nothing to tell here, except: All systems run stable. You can count on us.

We are working on a new video player

The video players for live and on-demand webcasts are a core component for the user experience on the platform. For this reason, we would like to fundamentally renew this component. It is our vision that the new player will provide viewers with an optimal user experience. Viewers should be able to get to the content that interests them more quickly. In addition, they should be able to use the video content better for their daily work. Be excited about the new video player. We will report back.

New Like feature will be evaluated in field test

We have now added a Like feature to our platform, which is common practice in social media. We are initially introducing this feature on a test basis with one customer. If we notice any room for improvement, we will optimize the feature.
There is a separate article about this nice new feature.

New showcase illustrates things we can

In the future, we would like to be able to better show our customers the full functionality of our Event Library. Unfortunately, this was not possible in the past, because we could only fall back on reference projects, which are mostly access-protected. That’s why we now have a showcase that covers all common scenarios for large, medium and small congresses and webinars. Live and on-demand video websites, congress programs and content pages, e.g. Infos on CME. Everything is now presentable.
Please make an appointment if you are interested in a demo.

Our web pages can now be better adapted to your tonality and wording

Each of our customer uses a different wording for things like what we would call “Session”: “Meeting”, “Sitzung”, “Slot”. At each level there are differences that we have not always been able to implement in the past. We have improved this. In the future, our editors will be able to implement overlapping customer requests in terms of wording more easily and stringently.
This will allow us to hit the tonality of your users even better.

Stay informed and come back soon.

About meta-fusion

13 members of the core team of meta-fusion

meta-fusion GmbH is a leading provider of digital congress solutions, with 25 years of experience in producing webcast transmissions of conferences worldwide. We offer comprehensive hybrid meeting solutions and a digital congress platform “Digital Congress Resources” which provide real added value for events and long-term usage of knowledge content.

Our customers

Our main customers are scientific associations and congress agencies with whom we create future-proof business strategies in the field of scientific education and medicine. We prioritise customer orientation, flexibility and maintain long-term relationships. Our production teams are highly valued for their reliability and pragmatism.

We are based in Cologne, a family-friendly company with a dynamic working environment and potential for employee development.