Sprint News #18 & #19

Read about the platform updates we shipped on March 15th and April 5th 2023. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

We have reached the next milestones in our meta-fusion video player project

We have made progress in developing the new video player. Untill today we had individual solutions for each of our clients. In this sprint, we unified these solutions and integrated the video player into our internal playground. 

Screenshot of congress slides

We also added these features:  

  • We are currently working on improving slide browsing. Our tools will allow each slide to be searched and browsed individually.   
  • We are working towards our goal of enabling knowledge workers to interact more quickly with lecture videos and navigate faster to the parts of the video that are relevant to them. 
  • With metadata, people will be able to use our player outside of our websites without missing any information. We want our clients to be able to technically integrate any of the information we provide on our website into any other website. 

Customisable login pages

We have optimised the login page creation and maintenance process and made significant improvements. Previously, we created login pages specifically for each of our clients but now we or our clients can create and maintain a login page in the dcr backend, just like other pages, including customised pictures, texts, and other relevant information.

For our login system, we have developed three new modules to support Gift Code, oAuth, and JWT authentication methods.

login page with three options

With these new developments, we are confident that our clients will experience improved user engagement and satisfaction and our solution provides our clients with greater flexibility in marketing their products.

Further features of our new infrastructure have been included

In the last sprint we moved the dcr API to our new staging and production infrastructure. This is the next step towards a single branch for all clients. Our ultimate goal is to deliver new features and improvements to our clients as quickly as possible. 

News from our meta services department  

We have been working to evaluate the performance of WCM, analysed the data and defined the appropriate actions. Now we know what to do! As a first step, this will improve the work of our team.  

Data tracking changes  

We have removed pixel tracking from our Matomo instance. As a result, our data will be even more accurate and provide clearer insights. 

News from our product management 

We want to give you a good overview of our products. Therefore our team is working on optimising the display of our product catalogue on our website. With this sprint, the necessary preparations for working on a public catalogue have been completed. 

Advances in services

Our core competency is handling many simultaneous live streams and thousands of lectures with a small team. This is why we create our own production tools that do the repetitive work for us. This allows us to deliver high efficiency and quality.    

We are now able to generate 1000+ on-demand player widget embed codes in 10 minutes. This helps us improve our efficiency during large congresses with more than 30 simultaneous sessions and several thousand during an event. 

We hope we have inspired you with our latest Sprint news. See you soon! 

About meta-fusion

13 members of the core team of meta-fusion

meta-fusion GmbH is a leading provider of digital congress solutions, with 25 years of experience in producing webcast transmissions of conferences worldwide. We offer comprehensive hybrid meeting solutions and a digital congress platform “Digital Congress Resources” which provide real added value for events and long-term usage of knowledge content.

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Our main customers are scientific associations and congress agencies with whom we create future-proof business strategies in the field of scientific education and medicine. We prioritise customer orientation, flexibility and maintain long-term relationships. Our production teams are highly valued for their reliability and pragmatism.

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