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The digital revolution in the world of congresses, conferences and meetings

Networked digital specialists – cooperative, experienced, individual, professional:

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We, the members of this new cooperative, see ourselves as team players in the congress landscape. The real-time combination of our highly specialised, digital solutions creates a flexible, modular tool landscape for the congress industry that can be renewed at any time.

CAPTURE – MANAGE – DELIVER – A seamlessly networked tool landscape

We will be presenting the principles of our company cooperative during IBTM World between 27 and 29 November 2018 at our joint stand J34


Our principles :
  • transparent standard for data exchange of all types of digital congress resources
  • seamless, cost-free and secure data exchange in real time between all cooperating partners
  • universally open interfaces for new applications, innovative ideas and tailored customer requirements
  • decision on data sovereignty is taken exclusively by the customer

We are convinced that an open cooperative of comprising experts from various core industries can offer the best response to issues brought by the digital transformation in the congress world.

behind the scenes

ECR 2018 in Vienna

ECR Online - Live and free

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outcome of 5 days ECR 2018 :
  • 13% more online-participants compared to 2017 (Total: 6.415)
  • 30 rooms - parallel live and directly on-demand
  • 145.350 slides analysed for search-function
  • 3.380 lectures captured
  • 555 sessions recorded



DCR platform

one global platform for all content

Brand new DigitalCongressResource-Platform: one global platform for all content during and after the congress


Overview of plaform functions:
  • All year round content hub for different congresses and events, structured by individual scopes
  • One global platform search across all content
  • Individual filter function
  • Individual flag function
  • New structured packages
  • Sophisticated search algorithm
  • Advanced usage analytics




CIRSE CONGRESS 2017 – 16 – 20/09/2017, COPENHAGEN

Managing own content centrally and making it available in a variety of ways is one of our webcast system’s core applications. In doing so, our customers have a number of options at their disposal, depending on strategy and media concept, for significantly increasing the reach of their congress.


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As the old saying goes, a joy that’s shared is a joy made double. At their most recent major congress in Denmark’s Copenhagen, specialist medical association CIRSE (Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe) experienced just how true this really is.
CIRSE recorded an impressive increase of over 75 per cent in new livestream viewers compared with the previous year. That was an important key performance indicator and a big success for the Vienna-based association, as more livestream viewers always mean more awareness for the physical event.

So why the extraordinary increase?
What did they do differently?

First of all, their livestream service from up to 12 parallel rooms was given its own simple and self-explanatory URL, or link. Visitors were then referred to the online service during the congress via an eye-catching banner placed systematically at prominent points directly in the specialist medical association’s website.
Crucially however, it succeeded because the CIRSE, as a European umbrella organisation, also called on its national specialist associations to put the banner on their websites.
Live-Display – specially developed by meta-fusion for rapid networking and linking – was also integrated. The simple preview attracts lots of clicks ensuring that anybody interested quickly registers.

This demonstrates then that those who share information also get new contacts in return.


In summary:
  • Live webcast from up to 12 lecture rooms over 5 congress days
  • > 600 directly on-demand webcasts online within minutes
  • Centrally controlled webcast and camera production
  • Meta-fusion team on site: 9 operators to 12 rooms
  • Use of meta-fusion’s Extended Library
  • Search for slide content with short cut to target slide
  • Live portal website with Live-Display (overview of all livestreams, display of upcoming lectures)
  • On-demand webcasts with slide and timeline navigation, and additional information on the speaker and abstract
  • Management of all streams and webcasts via meta-fusion’s Webcast Manager
  • Global distribution via AKAMAI high-speed CDN (Content Delivery Network)


CIRSE CONGRESS 2016 – 10 – 14/09/2016, BARCELONA

The CIRSE Congress 2016 can be described in two words: Well organised! And that’s not just in its professional, technical and content planning, but also its presentation of the scientific content before, during and immediately after the congress.

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Even in the run-up it was clear that specialist medical association CIRSE (Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe) was carefully preparing the next step in digitising its congress and supporting it with a communications campaign. Much had been learned from the experience of recent years – especially last year – and for the first time it offered congress participants, as well as all registered online users, access to all its congress content as live webcasts and soon after also as fully searchable on-demand webcasts in a powerful media library.

For the first time in its history, CIRSE presented to its members and participants as an entirely hybrid event, i.e. both on site in Barcelona and also worldwide live and on-demand, accessible on any stationary or mobile device via the Internet.

The consistent and friendly experience offered the participants in the beautifully located Congress Centre Barcelona was also carried over into the design of the webcast media library and the presentation of the talks, and the positive atmosphere was entirely matched by the good service experienced by online users. All the scientific programme talks were available in the webcast media library within minutes and could be freely browsed. The live channels were sorted according to category rather than by room. All online users could access an overview of their favourite topics at any time and view specific talks either live via the Internet or find them again later in the webcast media library.

As technical service provider we found the collaborative partnership with the specialist association at this congress was just right, as were the good communication with contacts of neighbouring service providers and Congress Centre Barcelona’s extremely friendly staff.

The digital and hybrid CIRSE congress is also likely to have been worthwhile for the industrial partners: our efficient production methods enabled all symposia to be documented and presented in a media library. It could hardly be easier to reach your global target group.

Our products at the CIRSE Congress 2016:
  • Live webcast from all – up to 11 – parallel rooms over 5 days
  • Directly on-demand webcast within minutes
  • Speaker video in addition to the slide presentation
  • All videos, mouse movements and animations in the webcast
  • Timeline and slide navigation, gallery view and abstract information
  • Live event website as central landing page for a clear overview of the live webcasts, upcoming presentations and recently added on-demand webcasts
  • Webcast media library with expanded, intelligent search function
  • Free text search for title, speaker, slide content with short cut to search result
  • Diverse filters (i.e. according to subject, day or session type)
  • Seamless integration of industry symposia
  • Internal microsites with media library for main sponsors
  • Webcast widgets for simple integration into the website
  • Webcast wall for displaying current live streams
  • Digital signage for displaying current presentations in a “live stream lounge” on site in the exhibition area of the congress



We report directly from our webcast production at the ECR 2016 in Vienna with brief, personal impressions.

Our services at the ECR 2016:
  • Live webcasts from 22 parallel rooms
  • Over 2,000 on-demand webcasts on the same day online
  • Live and on-demand webcasts of industrial symposia
  • "Lecture Wall" as digital signage in the congress foyer and in front of the presentation rooms
  • Integration of widgets on the congress live website:
  • Webcast display (overview of all live channels with current thumbnails)
  • Channel matrix (compact overview of all live channels as button bar)
  • Timeline (displays chronology within a live session)
  • Upcoming lectures (displays future lectures)
  • Latest lectures (displays past lectures)


WORLD CLIMATE CONFERENCE 2015 - COP 21, CMP 11 – 30/11/2015 – 13/12/2015, PARIS

On December 12th, 2015 history has been written in Paris. 196 Nations signed to a new climate agreement which contains a binding plan that should save the world from severe global warming.

Watch here for the moving and crucial moments during the proclamation.

The "historical moment" from Paris as on-demand webcast, at 1:10 min.

Our products at the world climate conference 2015:
  • Live webcast in 3 languages, from five lecture halls during 14 days of the conference
  • For Internet and Intranet (delegates, participants, media)
  • Live agenda and live text for website and social media
  • Live webcastdisplay
  • On-demand webcast directly available just minutes later, in three languages
  • Playing out all streams via meta-fusion Webcast Manager
  • Live portal website (overview of all live streams, announcement of upcoming sessions)
  • On-demand webcasts with slides and timeline navigation
  • Worldwide distribution via high-speed CDN
  • meta-fusion team on site: project management, production management, editors

Make More Of Your Congresses.


A real highlight of 2015 was the ECC – European Cancer Congress in Vienna. That's not just because of the enormous size of the congress – almost 20,000 specialist participants from across the world were present – but also because we gained a new customer in ECCO (European CanCer Organisation), who value and share our approach of systematic multiple use of digital congress content.

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We were able to present over 600 individual talks from 15 parallel rooms at the ECC as directly on-demand webcasts in the meta-fusion Extended Library immediately following the presentations, and also offer them as a live stream for press events.

As congress hosts, the medical companies ECCO and ESMO were especially able to offer participants attending the maximum service with access to all digital congress content. The participants' badges also carried codes that provided access authorization to the webcasts via the protected Media Library.
At a congress that defines itself through groundbreaking results in cancer research, the accompanying specialist press were given special status and were kept exclusively up to date via webcasts with their own access.

Our production format of centralized on-site webcast administration enabled us to demonstrate the advantage of a streamlined production to best effect: a team of just 6, including a slide exchange operator, was all we needed for live and directly on-demand webcasts from 16 rooms. This is of course reflected in cost efficiency. This does not in any way affect the multiple use of webcasts: as participant or press service, as e-learning content or simply in presenting the high level of scientific quality of such a major congress.

All the webcasts were subsequently available to full advantage in our Extended Library and could be filtered and browsed flexibly by the participants. The focus of attention was on the searchability of all slide content and speaker information that allowed accurate and rapid tracing of special content: a participant was able to jump straight to the point in a presentation where a particular term had been spoken.

Offering all these services has strengthened the professional reputation of this major European Cancer Congress giving participants a positive experience of internet and webcast media, including their direct use at the congress.

PS: As a special feature for a congress of this size we also carried out the entire production with manned and guided cameras.

Our services at ECC Congress 2015:
  • Directly on-demand webcasts from 16 parallel rooms over 5 congress days
  • Release within minutes
  • Live webcast from a press conference room
  • Slide exchange service for immediate exchange of slides
  • Meta-fusion team on site: 6 persons
  • Play out of all streams via meta-fusion Webcast Manager
  • Use of meta-fusion Extended Library with intelligent search
  • On-demand webcasts with slide and timeline navigation, and additional information on the speaker
  • Global distribution via high-speed CDN (AKAMAI)
  • Video production with guided camera by integrating local staff

Service From A New Perspective

A total of over 1,800 individual talks were edited and delivered:
How it worked: Video-Interview: 2:29 min [german only]

One of the world's largest medical congresses, the ECR (European Congress of Radiology) in Vienna closed after five very busy days. Not only was the entire Austria Center Vienna congress centre taken up by the ECR, but all talks and symposia were also broadcast live via the internet for free, for everyone. The recordings of these talks were also available immediately afterwards, so all the content produced during the congress can now be easily evaluated after the event across many media and supplemented with added information.

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What's so remarkable about the organiser's decision to make an entire congress live and freely available, making the recordings available a short time afterwards? Firstly, because it can be done; and secondly because it makes sense!

It makes sense for the organiser because congress participants simply expect it. Since mobile devices have become part of day-to-day life and people have become used to being able to get real-time information via the internet, expectations have changed, along with participants' demand for service; they see themselves now more as customers than as visitors. And ESR treats them as customers by meeting that demand and by offering them a high level of service.

This service means designing the congress so it is available to all those interested, and no longer differentiating between those actually present and those unable to be there in person. It means that attending congress participants can watch the live broadcast of a talk even if they are not sitting in the auditorium where the talk is being held. It also means that absent participants in other locations can do the same—wherever and whenever they want; after the congress, whilst travelling, or after they've arrived back home. In short, participation in the congress is greatly expanded and even visitors actually attending can be sure they won't miss anything of real interest to them.

Our services at ECR 2014 included:
  • Live webcasts of over 1,800 presentations from up to 19 parallel rooms simultaneoulsy (with speaker video and slides)
  • On demand webcast setup of all presentations with timeline and slide navigation, as well as full text searchability on the same day
  • Delivery and distribution of all live and on-demand webcasts via our high performance CDN (Content Delivery Network) as streaming service
  • Recording of industry symposia