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You probably know this: no one in a company is satisfied with their own website. It's the same with us. We simply can't keep up. That's such a shame, because so much is happening.

We are emerging stronger from the pandemic. It's been a lot of work, but we've been very successful in bringing events to our clients, first online and now hybrid. We have taken this as an opportunity to relaunch.

In all of this, our website has fallen by the wayside. We are working on it

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Live from Seville meta-fusion is broadcasting a meeting of the European Association

European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) focussing on Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

The Live Webcast was freely accessible. On-Demand Webcast recordings are already available as we finished them within minutes - all slide indexed and fully searchable. This makes our webcast a digital content service for the participants on-site and reaches out for all non-participants worldwide, as well.






Since the beginning of 2019

we’ve been producing webcasts for EASL from various meetings and all lecture recordings including posters are available in one platform run by meta-fusion:


CIRSE Congress 2019

meta-fusion is broadcasting the CIRSE congress live from Barcelona

From 10 rooms in parallel meta-fusion produces livestreams and prompt recording services of all sessions. More than 700 lectures and podium discussions and 800 posters are published during this conference.

Non-members can use some FREE highlight selections or purchase one of various package offerings from a single congress access to a full library access.

For more than four years CIRSE uses webcasts produced by meta-fusion without any negative impact on the on-site attendances.
To the contrary, the live streams are best promoters to reach out for more interested doctors world-wide and the promptly published lectures recordings amplify the congress participation on-site.

CIRSE library:





meta-fusions DCR platform with more than

  • 9’000 lectures and
  • posters from
  • 22 different meetings.

This platform is technically run by meta-fusion and provides an enhanced

  • filter and search function
  • including a full-text search 
  • on 280’000 slides.

The DCR Plaform supports all types of media, such as

  • webcast live  & on demand
  • poster &  ePoster
  • slides
  • abstracts

The content can be sortetd by

  • filter
  • people
  • sessions
  • slides



Greetings from the May bug!

The meta-fusion team took a breath of fresh air before delving into the next weeks of webcast projects in various European congress halls.

On our this year's company outing we went on a day's hike through marshes, heathlands and sand dunes right at the Cologne Bonn airport. This is a very interesting and apparently paradoxical landscape area which has been used as a huge military practice area for nearly 200 years. Now it represents a big and significantly diverse nature reserve. Under the noise of starting airplanes it even harbours about 700 animal and plant species from the Red List.






It's not a wrong place to make some thoughts about our international congress business and to keep our motivation to get the most out of meeting events with our digital content strategies.



CIRSE library

What a massive push for the digital transformation of medical associations

More than 6,000 scientific presentations from 16 congresses, have been published in a new multimedia platform by CIRSE - the European Society for Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology.

This month CIRSE has started his new digital library. 4,000 webcasts from congress lectures including 200,000 slides and 2,000 posters in addition are freely accessible for doctors and scientific researchers.

Content from the last 5 years congresses are now available in one database.



DCR Platform from meta-fusion :
  • contents from different congresses of the last 5 years are now available aggregated
  • In one multimedia database

The combination of an

  • elaborated filter structure,
  • a highly functional search engine
  • deep granularity of the content

makes this multimedia database a massive tool for researchers.


HQ Live Webcast

HQ Live Webcast of the ESR / ESOR-AI-2019

The first conference about Artificial Intelligence in radiology (5-6 April, Barcelona) organised by the European Society of Radiology and the European School of Radiology. Our HighQulity webcast was available free of charge as 1080p and 540p stream:




EASL's ILC 2019 live and free to watch - starting today!

content flow live and directly into the EASL DCR platform

The International Liver Congress - ILC 2019 - takes place in Vienna, from 10th - 14th April 2019!

Through the EASL multimedia platform - the meta-fusion Digital Congress Ressources platform - you can follow it live via webcast. EASL (European Association for the Study of the Liver) makes content available locally and worldwide in real time and digitizes it with high usability. Discover and participate in the full range of possibilities and all digital content at a glance, coming from 10 parallel rooms within a few minutes.






As a special service 

we had invited to join us on a virtual tour through the webcast-centre. If you would like to be part of one of  tours showing the production process

ECR 2019

Participate from home & Claim CMEs" - Via up to 32 parallel live streams

The European Congress of Radiology 2019 is being broadcast from Vienna to radiology professionals all over the world, for free!

On the 25th of March ECR has started.

European Society of Radiology emphasises its global relevance not at least with another record breaking webcast service provided by meta-fusion. It might be a hard choice for the webcast users - and the delegates on-site, as well - to select one out of up to 32 concurrent live sessions. But with the help of the promptly published recordings all sessions missed can directly be reviewed on mobile devices at home, at the congress or on the way.






during 5 days meta-fusion provided

  • more than 4.000 lecture recordings with
  • synchronized with every slide and video
  • more than 100.000 slides
  • digitally captured and
  • published on-line
  • fully searchable in names
  • in titles and in the
  • text body of each single slide



Exhibitor at IBTM World 2018 in Barcelona

The digital revolution in the world of congresses, conferences and meetings

Networked digital specialists – cooperative, experienced, individual, professional:

meta-fusion ­– documediaS ­– Körblernetkey ­– Waytation

We, the members of this new cooperative, see ourselves as team players in the congress landscape. The real-time combination of our highly specialised, digital solutions creates a flexible, modular tool landscape for the congress industry that can be renewed at any time.

CAPTURE – MANAGE – DELIVER – A seamlessly networked tool landscape

We will be presenting the principles of our company cooperative during IBTM World between 27 and 29 November 2018 at our joint stand J34


Our principles :
  • transparent standard for data exchange of all types of digital congress resources
  • seamless, cost-free and secure data exchange in real time between all cooperating partners
  • universally open interfaces for new applications, innovative ideas and tailored customer requirements
  • decision on data sovereignty is taken exclusively by the customer

We are convinced that an open cooperative of comprising experts from various core industries can offer the best response to issues brought by the digital transformation in the congress world.

behind the scenes

ECR 2018 in Vienna

ECR Online - Live and free

Thank you for watching - If you missed it, please click


outcome of 5 days ECR 2018 :
  • 13% more online-participants compared to 2017 (Total: 6.415)
  • 30 rooms - parallel live and directly on-demand
  • 145.350 slides analysed for search-function
  • 3.380 lectures captured
  • 555 sessions recorded