What to do when the live-chat overflows

The DGPPN 2022 event last week was a highly anticipated hybrid conference for mental health professionals. As the event progressed, it became clear that the live-chat feature was becoming overwhelmed with messages and questions from attendees. This created a challenge for event organisers as they worked to keep the chat organised and ensure that important information was not missed. In the end, the chat had to be closed for some time. But what helps the event organisers to ensure a good working live-chat?

The live-chat feature is a great way for attendees to communicate and engage with each other and the event hosts, but it can become overwhelming if not managed properly.

One of the first steps that the organisers should take when dealing with an overflow in the live-chat is to have a designated moderator or team of moderators who monitor the chat and respond to any questions or concerns that arise. This helps to keep the chat organised and ensure that important information is not missed.

Most professional chat tools also offer the option to moderate or approve all posts before they are published. In this way, only selected questions reach the public and are passed on to the speaker. This solution also requires an editorial team.

Either way, it is a question of staff planning. As soon as a chat overflows, a helping hand should be ready to relieve the chairman and speaker and take over the chat moderation.

Another important step is to set clear guidelines for attendees on how to use the live-chat feature. In our experience, the chair/moderator/facilitator should state these rules clearly in the introduction to the session.  This includes instructions on how to properly format messages, what types of questions or comments are appropriate, and how to report any issues that arise.

It is important to consider the overall event concept, and how the live-chat feature fits into the bigger picture. While it is important to have a well-presented chat for participants and moderators, it is also important to consider how the chat will be used and how it will impact the overall experience of the event.

In conclusion, an overflow in the live-chat feature during a hybrid event can be a challenging situation to manage. However, by having a plan in place, setting clear guidelines, having a team of moderators, technical support team, and considering the overall event concept, it is possible to ensure that the live-chat feature is a valuable addition to the event and enhances the experience for attendees.

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