Next-Generation digital experiences

For large congresses and events

DCR Suite

Digital-Congress-Resources Suite

Our services use meta-fusion’s DCR suite of tools and applications to provide:

  • Highly scalable real-time encoding and distribution of dozens of parallel video streams for live broadcasting into overflow rooms and to the web.
  • Quasi-real-time processing and distribution of lecture videos, including chapter markings, synchronised presentation slides, and full-text searchable slide transcriptions.
  • Full integration with existing systems for user management, access control, usage monitoring during and after the event.

Event planners and organisers need to create new experiences for hybrid events and – more than ever – be prepared for anything. You never know, what happens on a congress or hybrid meeting. A functioning team of online event experts is the basis for success.
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Extending Event Life Cycle

Our combination of audio-visual services and unique video-processing technology ensures optimal capture, distribution, and life cycle monetisation of the high-value one-off digital assets created at the event.

  • livestreaming
  • on-demand webcast
  • e-learning
  • content platform
  • digital handout

Event Participants Benefit

Event participants benefit from meta-fusion’s services through an enhanced experience during and after the event. These services are delivered in the form of overflow rooms, digital signage throughout the venue, remote attendance, post-event recap of sessions attended and replay of sessions missed.

  • library
  • all lectures
  • easy participation
  • convenience
  • sharing with colleagues

Event Organisers Benefit

Event organisers benefit from an enhanced visitor experience, being able to provide remote attendance and by monetising the digital assets captured at the event over a long life cycle via paid or sponsored distribution.

  • industry service
  • hybrid meeting
  • documentation services
  • content distribution
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Full management

Ensures reliable monitoring and before, during, and after the congress.

Smart production

Delivers digital content capturing, filming and encoding in real time and for any size of events.

"Content is King - Context is KingKong"

Intelligent publication

Opens up new horizons and delivers a new kind of congress experience for attendees and online users.

Multi-channel distribution

The lifeblood of digital business models and new services for partners and sponsors.

Fine-grained analytics

Reliable decision support for optimal planning, execution, and monetisation of your current and subsequent events.

Pioneer & market leader

Specialist for 18 years in hybrid meetings and digital processing of congresses and conferences with the best references from international organisations.

Specialist & team player

An expert team of media engineers and media computer scientists with project managers with broad international experience means competent collaboration with customers and all service providers involved.

Proven hybrid solutions

Secured digital broadcasts expand congresses into hybrid events and offer, in addition to proven operations, demonstrable improvement of the existing congress and communication service.

Prompt & efficient workflows

Parallel broadcast from all rooms, via livestream and with provision of lecture recordings immediately after each session incl. slide indexing and searchability.

Scalable DCR software

Central management of the content (multimedia assets), dynamic publication in our modular Live Portal and Library and in external CMS platforms (via API and widgets).

New digital strategies

Value creation through new high-quality added-value services for existing and new target groups; realisation of new sponsoring concepts for sustainable industry partnerships and for a better congress.