Multichannel publishing

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Liberate your content

We call our solution “Widgets”

When you host an impressive hybrid congress, you want to make the most of it. That’s where our innovative widget concept comes in.

With meta-fusion, you can liberate your valuable meeting content from the congress platform and publish it, either in part or as a whole, on your other channels and websites.

Illustration of different devices showing the same content with the meta-fusion widgets

What do we mean by “meeting content”?

At meta-fusion, the term “meeting content” refers to all conference-related data stored in our database, including programme details, live sessions, speaker information, video recordings and downloadable resources such as abstracts.

As a meeting service provider, we map large congresses with all the meeting content on the web for our clients. The core of this is, of course, the live video transmission and on-demand processing of the event recordings. The “meeting content” is usually stored on a congress platform provided by us. But this does not have to be the case. Our systems are flexible enough to deliver content in the way our customers need it for their content strategy, using widgets.

Get the most out of your event lifecycle with multichannel publishing

timline element pre event

Event promotion & marketing

  • Highlight your conference programme
  • Spotlight sponsor content
  • Use pre-planned event content
timeline icon during event

Event execution & participation

  • Boost event visibility
  • Keep program up-to-date
  • Simplify live-stream access
timline element post event

Knowledge management

  • Share knowledge community-wide
  • Embed event library
  • Repurpose event content for e-learning

These widgets are in stock

Run live events on any web page

screenshot of the live video player widget

Incorporate live video for heightened engagement.

Capture your audience’s attention using a specialized player, real-time streaming, playback controls, and event particulars. Maintain viewer engagement and awareness through captivating live broadcasts. By integrating Live Channel Pages with other widgets, you can seamlessly embed them into your webpages created with WordPress, TYPO3, or any other Content Management System you utilize.

(Widget No. DCR013)

screenshot of an example for the live event progress widget

Always keep your participants up to date

This widget in the meta-fusion system displays the current programme and progress of a live event. It provides real-time updates on the current status of the event. It can be customised and configured to match the design and branding of your website or platform.

(Widget No. DCR012)

screenshot of an example for the live channel navigation widget

Quick access to live events

This widget allows users to navigate between different channels. It displays a list of available channels and can be used as a navigation element on your website or platform. The widget highlights the channels that are currently live and uses the client’s primary brand colour.

(Widget No. DCR003)

screenshot of an example for the chat and QA tool

Enhancing Event Engagement with Slido Chat

We use Slido Chat to enable real-time interaction with users during events. Participants can ask questions, provide comments, and give feedback, fostering engagement and connection. Integrated into various event formats like live streams or presentations, Slido Chat lets users input their thoughts directly for instant display. Organizers can moderate and highlight selected content, enhancing interactivity and participant engagement.

Promote your congress program

timetable widget screenshot

Boost visibility of your congress programme

A timetable widget allows easy integration of event programmess into other websites, providing calendar and list views with session details, thematic categorization, and live broadcast highlights. Users can add events to calendars and link to live broadcasts.

(Widget No. DCR027)

screenshot of an example for the live session overview widget
screenshot of an example for the layer for the live session overview widget

Simplify surfing through your event programme

This widget gives a concise and organized overview of the sessions of your congress available . It allows you to display a list of sessions or resources in a compact format, making it easier for users to browse and navigate through the content. The module can be configured to show the latest, upcoming, or live sessions, and it can also be integrated with other widgets to provide filtering options.

(Widget No. DCR022)

screenshot of an example for the live stream overview widget

Give your participants the overview

Our widget shows all scheduled live broadcasts. View ongoing and upcoming streams with details such as title, time and thumbnails. This way you ensure easy access for your audience and lively participation in meeting sessions.

(Widget No. DCR029)

screenshot of an example for the webcast teaser widget

Promote your live content

The webcast teaser widget displays static content before and after the congress and presents a link to available channels during the congress. One click leads users to the live broadcast or on-demand video. The module can be used on home and overview pages and as a widget on external websites.

(Widget No. DCR030)

screenshot of an example for the filter widget

Help users to find relevant topics

This widget allows users to easily filter and refine the content displayed based on their preferences or criteria. It only works in conjunction with other widgets. Use it, for example, to provide your users with an overview of very large congresses.

(Widget No. DCR005)

Make your meetings available as a library

screenshot of an example for the library widget

Ensure your on-demand videos remain accessible

Utilize the library widget to embed on-demand libraries on any webpage or mobile app of your choice. The widget also offers filtering and search functionalities, empowering users to easily find particular media files according to their preferences. Furthermore, the customizable widget settings enable you to craft a smooth and visually captivating user experience.

(Widget No. DCR013)

screenshot of an example for the on-demand player widget

Present videos in relevant contexts

Effortlessly display lectures, presentations, and other content on your website. The widget provides captivating features such as video details, topics, and viewer count. Enhance user experience by delivering targeted content without requiring library navigation.

(Widget No. DCR015)

screenshot of the highlight teaser widget

Showcase selected on-demand videos

The highlight teaser widget allows clients to emphasize meeting content. It serves to promote special talks or videos before the conference and offer Editor’s Choice selections afterward. The widget displays chosen sessions and grouped selected resources by event. Clients have the flexibility to present sessions/events or bundled talks and posters.

(Widget No. DCR007)

screenshot of the highlight teaser widget

Keep your “old” projects alive

Create dynamic meeting lists. With project titles, descriptions, and images, your users can quickly access the content of past events.

(Widget No. DCR021)

screenshot of the highlight teaser widget

Provide an overview of all your congresses, events and webinars

Seamlessly link to overview pages of event series dynamically, ensuring easy editorial maintenance.

(Widget No. DCR006)

More widgets to use your on-demand content

screenshot of an example for the topic package widget

Re-curate existing content

Our system allows you to re-curate the on-demand content of your congress and create e.g. e-learning packages. This widget presents your packages with introduction, meta information, texts and – of course – the on-demand videos included.

(Widget No. DCR017)

screenshot of an example for the topic packages overview widget

Present curated e-learning modules

Our system allows you to re-curate the on-demand content of your congress and create e-learning packages, for example. This widget provides an overview of the content packages you have created.

(Widget No. DCR018)

screenshot of the highlight teaser widget

Project your live stream on site in the congress center

This widget seamlessly incorporates live streams from concurrent events, aiding overflow room utilization. Ensure uninterrupted access to live streams, even when main sessions are full. The overflow player allows easy presentation of overflow room live streams, ensuring a smooth audience experience. This ensures participation for all, even those unable to attend the main event physically.

(Widget No. DCR007)

screenshot of the highlight teaser widget

Highlight and present your sponsors

In our system Spotlights are flexibly designable websites on which you can present sponsors of your congress. This widget presents an overview of all your sponsors with a link to further information.

(Widget No. DCR026)

Phew, any questions?

Infinite possibilities to tailor your meeting content

Your on-demand library

Perfect for knowledge workers and meeting wrap-ups: Integrate your customised library into your website or application, including filters, search, toolbars and multiple views.

Live sessions and talks

Live stream your meeting sessions and talks on your channels. The Live Player also allows you to play ads before or after the stream, or show a slideshow if there is no live stream on the selected channel.

Meeting programmes

Publish your programme clearly with the necessary information about sessions, talks and speakers for the orientation of your audience.

Market your live channels

Use clear widgets for easy navigation between your sessions and optimal orientation for your audience, optimised for large congresses.

Market your on-demand libraries

Promote your highlight talks and offer searchable slide files for optimal post-production.

Individual content compilation with packages

Curate your meeting content by compiling existing content as individual packages and optimising it for special requirements such as e-learning.

many laptops and mobile devices in a row. one is showing different streaming channels

We can play different channels

Channels refer to websites or applications that use web technologies such as HTML. They include corporate websites, event websites, blogs, social media platforms and mobile apps. Our widgets can be seamlessly integrated into these channels, and users receive usage statistics to track engagement, such as the number of views for a talk across all channels.

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