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February 22, 2024

You know how it goes: meeting up with old friends. At the end of the evening, you promise to see each other again very soon. And poof – another year goes by. How sad, considering there’s so much to talk about all year round. It’s the same with professional conferences. Maybe not as dearly loved as old friends, but it’s still an annual reunion with colleagues (and therefore possibly quite nice). Wouldn’t it be good to stay in touch all year round? You can achieve this with your association through your Meeting Content! Find out more about it in this article.

Typically, professional conferences take place once or twice a year. Of course, there are also large associations that meet with their members more frequently, but on average, it remains at one or two conferences. The focus of the association often lies on organizing these events – a concentration of activities, learning, and networking that spans only a few days. However, the challenge lies in what happens after the conference. How do we maintain the momentum of learning and networking? How do we make the wealth of knowledge accessible throughout the year?

1. Maintain permanent contact with your members

In the dynamic world of professional conferences, the traditional approach of annual events leaves a gap in continuous education and networking. However, one should consider the bigger picture and view a conference or event as just one point of communication with its members. Why not go beyond that and utilize the content and themes? Leverage the Meeting Content generated at your events. Stay state-of-the-art with a Digital Congress Resources platform. With such a platform, you can demonstrate good professional expertise to your members.

Regularly send newsletters to your members and invite them to visit your video library. All under the motto “Keep the conversation going between the congresses.”

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2. Utilize existing content multiple times – Make your conference content accessible year-round.

With a platform where you can provide all conference content – whether it’s videos of presentations or posters – you can stay connected with your members constantly. All videos of your speakers can be made available in an on-demand library so that your members can access them repeatedly. You can integrate such a library as a widget on your website or complement your website with a platform.

Of course, there’s also the option to upload videos to platforms like Vimeo or YouTube, but then your high-quality knowledge videos end up alongside cooking recipes or “How do I fix my washing machine” videos. For such sensitive data, often used for research purposes, this is usually not useful or desired. Therefore, a password-protected area is more suitable for such high-quality content.

A library makes knowledge from video content accessible and allows users to quickly find relevant content from large amounts by providing content overviews, browsing, searching, and filtering functions, including a special slide search. The library presents valuable video content across multiple events and offers an excellent user experience.

3. Promote scientific work – Provide your members with practical tools for their research

The scientific industry is an industry where continuous learning and staying up-to-date with the latest developments are crucial. By providing a platform that offers year-round access to conference content and thus to scientific content, you equally support continuous education and professional development. This approach fits perfectly with the needs of medical professionals, who often have little time to attend multiple events throughout the year.

With the Meeting Content Player, you also provide your members with the opportunity to engage in scientific work. For example, the citation function allows direct citation of video content in a scientific format.

Users can interact with the content, exchange ideas with speakers, and connect with colleagues, thereby expanding networking opportunities beyond the physical event.

4. Continuous education – Expand learning opportunities beyond the conference

Give your members the opportunity to continue their education beyond the conference. For example, curate your Meeting Content into various themes and create mediatheques in the on-demand library for these different topics. This way, you give your members the opportunity to attend lectures on topics they couldn’t be present for when they were originally published.

The videos are also excellent for being processed through an e-learning platform so that your members can receive CME points.

5. Announcement of new events – Use our platform to inform your community about upcoming events

After the event is before the event. To stay in touch with your community throughout the year, you can use the homepage of the platform to announce new lectures, speakers, and events alongside past presentations. When your members visit the on-demand library on your platform, they will be alerted to the next upcoming event.

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With an on-demand library and a video player for scientific work, you can create an ecosystem around your conference that allows you to stay in touch with your members through Meeting Content beyond your conference and create significant added value for your association. And now I’m going to call my friends directly and arrange a new meeting – so that another year doesn’t go by again.

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