Sprint News #20 & #21

Read about the platform updates we shipped on May 17th and June 7th 2023. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

At meta-fusion, we believe in transparency and keeping our valued customers informed about the progress we’re making, even when we don’t have major announcements to share. While we’re diligently working on our next-generation product, it’s still in the works and not quite ready for the big reveal. However, we want to provide you with a brief update on the results of our recent sprints.

First and foremost, our development team continues to grow, with talented individuals working tirelessly to enhance our platform. Although much of their work may seem technical and behind the scenes, it is driven by our commitment to meeting individual customer needs efficiently while also benefiting the wider customer base. Our goal is to improve the platform in greater detail, allowing all customers to benefit from individualized changes.

So, what do our customers stand to gain from these ongoing efforts?

  1. Reliability and Robustness
  2. Faster Production with our Service Team
  3. Modern Technology

One area where we’re placing a significant focus is on our new player. We are committed to expanding our unique selling points, such as “searchable slides” and “presentation-based video control.” To achieve this, we will be incorporating AI tools that will further enhance these features.

In addition to these major improvements, we have also made several smaller optimizations. For instance, we have refined the control mechanisms for filters in our On-Demand Library, allowing for smoother navigation and a more intuitive user experience.

We want to assure you that our team is continuously working behind the scenes to elevate your experience with meta-fusion. While we may not always have groundbreaking news to share, know that we are dedicated to refining our platform and delivering exceptional value to each and every customer.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the near future!

About meta-fusion

13 members of the core team of meta-fusion

meta-fusion GmbH is a leading provider of digital congress solutions, with 25 years of experience in producing webcast transmissions of conferences worldwide. We offer comprehensive hybrid meeting solutions and a digital congress platform “Digital Congress Resources” which provide real added value for events and long-term usage of knowledge content.

Our customers

Our main customers are scientific associations and congress agencies with whom we create future-proof business strategies in the field of scientific education and medicine. We prioritise customer orientation, flexibility and maintain long-term relationships. Our production teams are highly valued for their reliability and pragmatism.

We are based in Cologne, a family-friendly company with a dynamic working environment and potential for employee development.