Unlock your meeting content with meta-fusion’s multichannel publishing

When you’ve invested time, money, and effort into organizing a hybrid congress or event, you want to maximize its reach and impact. This is where meta-fusion’s multichannel publishing comes into play. It allows you to ‘liberate’ your meeting content from the confines of a single platform.

The heart of the matter: What is ‘meeting content’?

At meta-fusion, we don’t limit the term ‘meeting content’ to just videos or slides. It includes everything – from the programme details to live sessions, speaker information, video recordings, and other downloadable resources like abstracts.

A widget for every occasion

meta-fusion’s suite of widgets addresses every stage of an event’s lifecycle: For the planning stage, widgets can help highlight the conference programme and sponsor content. During the event, they boost visibility, update programs in real-time, and simplify access to live streams. After the meeting, these widgets serve as tools for knowledge management, community-wide sharing, and even e-learning purposes.

Of course, all our widgets are compatible with most CMS platforms, including WordPress and TYPO3.

Illustration of different devices showing the same content with the meta-fusion widgets

More than just live-streaming

While live-streaming is pivotal, meta-fusion offers widgets like the Live Video Player and Chat/QA tools to engage your audience in real time. They come with playback controls and event particulars to keep your audience informed and engaged.

Make it accessible

Ensuring that the audience can easily find and participate in the various sessions and activities is crucial. The Timetable widget and Live Session Overview widget are designed to solve this exact issue. They allow easy integration into websites, providing calendar and list views that can be added to personal calendars.

Knowledge doesn’t expire

Post-event, your content can live on and continue to be a valuable resource. The library widget and on-demand player make it easy for attendees and even those who could not attend to access the content long after the event is over.

Tailored to your needs

Illustration of different devices showing the same content with the meta-fusion widgets

Perhaps one of the most appealing features of these widgets is their adaptability. They can easily be integrated into websites, blogs, social media platforms, and mobile apps, ensuring you reach your audience wherever they are.

The widgets also come with useful metrics, helping you understand viewer engagement across platforms.

In summary, meta-fusion’s multichannel widgets offer a versatile, robust solution for maximizing the impact of your meeting content. Whether you’re a congress planner or a professional in the audio-video sector, these tools are designed with the flexibility and efficiency that you need.

If you have any questions or would like to explore how meta-fusion can elevate your next event, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help. Or, if you want to learn more about this subject:

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